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It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad to lose it.

Benjamin Franklin

Not so long ago, reputation was one of the most important assets a person could have. Keep that thought because your credit score is, in essence, your current reputation constantly exposed for those lenders you are thinking of doing business with. Having a bad credit score, or a bad reputation, implies that dealing with someone going through this situation represents a high risk.

Think about credit as a tool, a lever that will help you achieve your goals:

  • Your own house
  • A higher education
  • A new vehicle
  • Your own business
  • A dream trip
  • Helping a close relative in need

On one side, there is you, making a great effort; and on the other side is that dream. Credit brings both together.

Without access to credits, our entire economy will collapse. But having a significant percentage of bad credits on the market implies risks too. ¿Do you remember the Subprime Mortgage Crisis starting in 2006 and going all over 2007 and exploding in the 2008 financial crisis?

When someone has a good credit score, their life becomes more manageable. If you see credit as a privilege, maybe you could start thinking more about how to take advantage of it in the most beneficial ways for you and your beloved ones.

Let look at an example. An article published in shows how different it is to get a $200,000 house-loan with a credit score of 625 or with one of 750. By the end of a 30-year mortgage, the first one would end paying around $20,000 more. For an individual in a lower scores category, the difference would be more significant by far.

Multiple factors could impact the scenario set above, but you are getting a close idea of this article point:

  • Having a good credit score puts you in an advantageous position not just for getting loans, because the credit score also impacts insurance policies.
  • Rents.
  • Credit cards.
  • Summarizing every financial transaction that implies a mid or long-term commitment.

FICO and Vantage are the ratings used by lenders to see someone’s score. These are the range for every of each of these indicators.



800 – 850


740 – 799


670 – 739


580 – 669


300 – 579






781 – 850


661 – 780


601 – 660


500 – 600


300 – 499

Approaching to understand how the credit system works will put anyone in a better place for making wise decisions about their present and future.


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