How it Works?

Monthly Program Fee $99


CONGRATULATIONS ON TAKING THE FIRST STEP ?! After successfully completing the sign-up process, our team will review your credit monitoring account to assess your current credit situation. A detailed and personalized audit will be created specifically for you!

One of our board-certified credit consultants will contact you at your scheduled enrollment/audit time to discuss your credit reports, your goals and to provide you with next steps. You will be charged $149 for your enrollment fee after the call.

Upon gathering all required information, we will begin to aggressively go after the credit bureaus and collection agencies to dispute inaccurate marks.

**WE WAIT. Credit reporting agencies have 30 days before they are required to respond. **

You will begin to receive responses via mail from our monthly disputes within 40 days. These items will need to be sent to us for follow up.


We will follow up and aggressively dispute as needed until all negative inaccurate and/or unverifiable items are removed. Your card will be charged each month for the monthly service/ follow-up fee.

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